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Join us as we explore our resort’s comprehensive approach to wellness.

THE LEVEL 2BR Garden Villa (Pool)

Experience the epitome of romance at Meliá Bali, where lush tropical gardens meet pristine beachfront luxury. Indulge in intimate moments with your loved one as you unwind in elegantly appointed rooms, savor delicious dining experiences, and rejuvenate together at the serene spa.


Discover the joys of a family-friendly paradise at Meliá Bali, where captivating activities and services tailored to children and adults alike ensure unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Blessing Ceremony

Meliá Bali is perfect for relaxation and revitalization. Combining luxurious spa experiences & wellness activity

Rain Shower Spa Treatment

Meliá Bali isn’t just a vacation; instead, it’s a renewing experience that will leave you feeling revitalized and utterly blissful.

Balinese Culture & Traditions

Experience Authentic Balinese Culture & Traditions at Meliá Bali

Nyang Nyang Beach

Visiting Bali and looking for the stunning hidden secret beaches of Bali ? Uncover the secret beaches just a short distance from Meliá Bali.

Indonesian Street Food Stall

Delectable Street Food Bali

Explore the street food near Meliá Bali, uncovering local dishes, and bustling food markets that showcase Bali’s culinary heritage.

Coffee at Kopi Petani

Immerse yourself in the local coffee scene while staying at Meliá Bali and discover irresistible brews of Bali’s Coffee Culture