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What does Bali still have to offer for the traveler? Balinese culture and tradition will satisfy your thirst for discovering new things.

Meliá Bali offers more than just green and beautiful gardens. Join a yoga class or enjoy the Spa. Healing in tranquility.

Hospitality is more than just a profession at Meliá Bali—it’s a way of life. Find out more about why Melia Bali is so memorable.

From authentic Balinese specialties to international favorites, Meliá Bali is a haven for food lovers seeking unforgettable dining experiences. Join us as we delve into the world of flavors that await you at Meliá Bali.

Do you remember the memories from years ago, you and your husband embarked on your honeymoon to Bali, where you immersed yourselves in the island’s enchanting beauty, indulged in romantic experiences, and created lifelong memories?

Tanah Lot Temple

Join us as we delve into the 5 notable reasons why you need a vacation in Bali and uncover the wonders that await you.

Mount Batur

Take a closer look at six of these events and happenings that will make your trip to Bali even more memorable. Explore here!

In recognizing the importance of sustainability and our pledge to better the Nusa Dua community, Melia Bali is committed to pursue “environmental and social sustainability.

From secret coves to secluded bays, these secret beaches on Bali’s southern tip have something for everyone.