The traditional dishes Balie are a significant part of the beauty and magic of Indonesia. Some of the most popular ones are as old as the rich culture of Bali itself.

If you really want to experience the best if Balinese cuisine when you stay at one of the best Bali luxury resorts, here are some dishes that you should not forget to try:


Satay is grilled and skewered slices of meat, which can be chicken, beef, or pork. Satay can be found in every corner of Indonesia, though there are different variations of this dish. Sate lilit is Bali’s very own version that is marinated in coconut milk and spices. The slices of meat are wrapped instead of skewered. The sate itself is already delicious but you can request additional sauce if you want.

Babi Guling

Babi guling is Balinese roasted pork – a special dish that is typically served during cultural ceremonies. The fresh pork brings about incredible juiciness while the mix of spices make this dish truly unforgettable.


Lawar combines chopped meat with different vegetables and grated coconut. The meat used for this dish could be beef, chicken, duck, turtle, or pork.  In Bali, you can get red lawar or white lawar. The red variety gets its name and color from the animal blood added to the dish giving it a unique flavor. White lawar doesn’t contain blood and typically swaps meat for jackfruit.


According to legend, Betutu was the king’s favorite dish. You’d believe it when you see how this dish is prepared in a sophisticated manner. The dish includes a whole duck or chicken that is stuffed with different herbs and spices, including nuts, shallots, ginger, chili, garlic, and more. This dish takes at least eight hours to prepare but when you taste it, you’ll know it’s worth it.

Nasi Jinggo

Nasi jinggo is a huge part of the locals’ daily lives. Made up of rice, vegetables, a side dish, and condiments wrapped together in a banana leaf, this small packet of food packs big flavors at an affordable price. Usually, you’ll get a side dish of shredded chicken, noodles, or egg.


Urab or Urap is a traditional Balinese vegetable salad with coconut dressing. Raw or steamed vegetables are used for Urab, including cabbage, green beans, sprouts, cassava leaves, and spinach, among others. This is often served as a side dish but it can certainly hold its own.

Bubur Mengguh

This type of porridge originated from Buleleng. It’s an important dish for Balinese people because it’s one of the compulsory dishes served at traditional ceremonies and festivals. This porridge is topped with a liquid mixture made from various spices, roasted peanuts, shredded chicken, and celery. Bubur Mengguh is typically served with Urab.

Nasi Tepeng

A local cuisine of Gianyar, Nasi Tepeng is that perfect balance between rice and porridge. The mushy grain is mixed with spices and herbs, giving it a strong and unique flavor. IT is served with fried chicken, egg, beans, eggplant, and jackfruit.


These are just some of the dishes that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Bali. Of course, we are just scratching the surface and there’s so much more culinary goodness to explore and discover in Bali. Of course, the best way to enjoy them is at one of the top Bali luxury resorts.

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