Nyang Nyang Beach Bali

The beautiful shores and sparkling waters of Bali have long been a magnet for sun-seekers. Destinations like Kuta and Seminyak may be well-known around the globe, but this enchanting paradise has plenty more to offer in the form of hidden beaches that remain secluded and untouched by mass tourism.

These hidden stretches of sand offer the experience of the enchanting allure, serenity, and beauty of hidden Bali’s gem. Each of these hidden beaches has its unique characteristics and charm. Most people will have unforgettable experiences of closeness to the natural beauty and relaxing ambiance of the island.

To help you embark on your journey of discovering Bali’s hidden beaches, we have curated a list of must-visit, all within easy reach of Meliá Bali.

Green Bowl Beach: A Shimmering Emerald Oasis

Just an 18-minute short drive from Meliá Bali, the secluded Green Bowl Beach awaits your discovery. This stunning hidden gem is cherished for its beautiful emerald waters, fascinating limestone caves, and lush tropical vegetation. To access this idyllic beach, you’ll need to descend a beautiful staircase that brings a burst of endorphins upon arrival.

Ideal for both relaxation and aquatic adventures, Green Bowl Beach offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. Here you can enjoy vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Lose yourself by reveling in the unspoiled beauty that this secret beach has to offer.

Thomas Beach: One Of The Hidden Beaches in Paradise

Your next hidden destination is Thomas Beach. This tranquil haven location is on the shoreline of the more popular Padang Padang and Bingin Beach. With its golden sands, clear turquoise waters, and vibrant green surroundings, this secluded paradise feels like a dream come true.

Find the perfect spot along the shore to lie down, or dive into the inviting waters for a swim. Allow yourself to become enveloped in the serenity of Thomas Beach. Relax with only the sound of the waves and birdsong on this intimate and unspoiled beach.

Gunung Payung Beach: Nature’s Dramatic Beauty

Gunung Payung Beach is a hidden gem that you must discover. Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, this awe-inspiring destination invites you to marvel at its refreshing landscape.

Although the access may be challenging, it’s a small price to pay for the enchanting scene that awaits you. Allow the peace and tranquility to wash over you as you stroll along the pristine sand, swim in the crystalline waters, or simply relax in the quiet comfort of your serene surroundings. This hidden treasure offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and Bali’s captivating natural beauty.

Nyang Nyang Beach: An Untouched Slice of Heaven Hidden Beaches

Nyang Nyang Beach is another secluded paradise that is perfectly perched at the bottom of a lush, green hillside. This beach offers breathtaking panoramic views, vibrant blue waters, and stretches of sun-kissed sand just waiting to be explored.

Although your journey may involve a challenging descent down a verdant path, the reward leaves you feeling yearning for more. Nyang Nyang Beach offers a peaceful retreat where you can unwind, explore, and immerse yourself in the Balinese haven.


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