Family Vacation at MELIA BALI

Family vacations are the cornerstone of precious memories, where laughter, love, and adventure create a tapestry of unforgettable experiences. Meliá Bali understands the importance of these moments and provides a destination where families can connect, explore, and grow together.

Our resort is designed to ensure that each member of your family enjoys a fulfilling and memorable escape. Meliá Bali offers a diverse array of family-friendly activities, ranging from engaging experiences for the little ones to exciting adventures that the entire family can enjoy together.

Be it creating a splash at our dedicated kids’ pool, exploring Balinese culture, or discovering the natural wonders of the island; we’ve got something for everyone in the family.

Meliá Bali also understands the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment where parents can relax without worry and kids have the space to be themselves. With our attentive service, meticulously maintained grounds, and the support of our dedicated team, your family vacation will be nothing short of exceptional.

Kids Activity - Family Vacation at MELIA BALI
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Let Your Little Ones’ Imagination Soar at the Kids & Co. Club

At Meliá Bali, we believe that a fantastic family vacation starts with keeping the little ones entertained and happy. Our dedicated Kids & Co. Club offers a fun, safe, and stimulating environment for children aged 4-12. They can engage in a variety of activities designed to spark creativity, inspire learning, and foster new friendships.

Children can participate in hands-on arts and crafts sessions, play interactive games, or enjoy exciting sports that encourage team play. There are also special programs with a focus on learning about the local culture. We believe that your little ones will leave with a newfound appreciation for Balinese customs and traditions.

Dive into Adventure with Fun-Filled Water Activities

Meliá Bali’s idyllic beachfront location offers the perfect playground for water enthusiasts of all ages.

For adventurous family members, explore the beautiful waters of Bali through snorkeling excursions. Get your adrenaline pumping with water sports like Jet Skiing and parasailing. You can also take a leisurely family paddleboard session along the shoreline.

Discover Balinese Culture with Fun and Engaging Workshops

Introducing your children to the vibrant culture of Bali is an essential part of a wholesome family vacation. Meliá Bali offers a range of family-friendly workshops, designed to immerse you in the local customs, traditions, and crafts.

Join our Batik painting workshop, where you and your children can learn the traditional Balinese art of fabric dyeing. Participate in a Balinese cooking class, where the entire family can collaborate to prepare authentic Indonesian dishes.

These activities provide a fun bonding and rich cultural heritage of the island to your family.

Explore Bali’s Natural Wonders and Attractions Together

A family vacation in Bali wouldn’t be complete without exploring the island’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Meliá Bali arranges family-friendly excursions that cater to every interest. This excursion allows you to uncover Bali’s hidden gems and create shared memories that last a lifetime.

Embark on a guided tour to the breathtaking rice terraces of Tegalalang, where your family can learn about local farming techniques and marvel at the lush, multitiered landscape. Visit the famous Ubud Monkey Forest, where children can observe playful monkeys in their natural habitat and explore ancient temples nestled within the forest.

Take a day trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park, where the entire family can engage in an educational wildlife safari tour, witness thrilling animal presentations, and cool off at the park’s water playground.

Create Unforgettable Memories with Your Family at Meliá Bali

Whether you’re a family of seasoned travelers or embarking on your first family vacation, Meliá Bali offers an incredible range of activities and experiences designed to inspire bonding, ignite curiosity, and foster cherished memories.

With our commitment to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for parents and a treasure trove of adventures for children, your family will leave with full hearts and a newfound appreciation for Bali’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Embark on a family vacation that ticks all the boxes, satisfies every interest, and captures the hearts of both young and old – let Meliá Bali be your unforgettable destination.
Looking for the perfect Bali vacation resort for your family getaway? Look no further than Meliá Bali! Our top family-friendly activities are sure to create precious memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. Book your stay with us today and experience the best of Bali!